how to add music to a video

Want to add background music to your movie or make your own music video? Try Movavi Video Editor for Windows here:

Watch our new tutorial to learn how to add audio to video. Try it yourself! Do you like listening to music? We definitely do! We love everything: from classical music to metal. Every music genre has its own mood and atmosphere. So why not add some to your video? Choose instrumental background music for your video according to your taste and concepts. We can help you with that, too! Movavi Video Editor is the best music video maker for adding good background music. In our built-in soundtrack music collection, you’ll find tracks like ‘Blockbuster’ that would be perfect for dynamic video clips; or try ‘Romantic Guitar’ for wedding background music. 10 more funny/scary/happy background music tracks for videos are just waiting for you in our collection. You can also download free music from the internet. Click on the ‘Download more’ icon and you’ll be taken to a page offering a free trial subscription to AudioBlocks – a website with a huge music collection that you can use in your videos breaking copyright law. Go to the website and have fun with your 7 days trial! You can even make a video with your own music or record a voice-over. Or why not both? With Movavi Video Editor, you can do it in no time! Just play with the volume balance until you’re satisfied with the result.

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