Japan builds better cars

Different countries have different perks and wonders to offer. Take Japan for example. We all know that they produce excellent automobiles. In fact, it’s clear to Americans at this point that Japan builds better cars than we do here in the states. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Their automobile sales tell it all. So what do we have here in the good, old US of A? What sets us apart from the numerous other countries? Well, besides our open minds and equal rights, America offers a vast array of exquisite cuisines. In my humble opinion, there’s no beating American food. When it comes to eating, we take great taste and variety to a whole new level.

The first time I ever visited a foreign land, I was shocked at how much their food menu was lacking. There wasn’t near the diversity you would see here in America. Where were all the succulent steaks, varieties of beer, and countless desserts? Unfortunately they were not to be found in that Asian land. Therefore I had to make due with what I could find. The funny part was that I bumped into a local, who educated me on their cuisine. He claimed that it was nothing like American food. Since he had spent several years in the states himself, he was well aware of what the US had to offer in regards to fine dining. I laughed at how he talked about our desserts. He stated that no other country on this planet could vie with American desserts. This is one area where we one-upped anyone and everyone. Needless to say, he truly missed American food and our dazzling plethora of tasty treats. He had full intentions of returning to the states for a few fancy desserts.

Ponder some of the finer foods we relish here in the USA. Just to give you some ideas, we’re able to indulge in outstanding burgers, steaks and sea food. Some foods that really stir attention here in the states are as follows; New England clam chowder, apple pie, a delectable variety of pizzas, New Orleans crawfish, North Carolina pulled pork, Cincinnati chili, Texas barbeque, and countless vegetarian options. When it comes down to it, no other country stands a chance against our phenomenal variety of American food. From starters, to entrees, to incredible desserts, America has eating covered.