John Harricharan Interview With Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver: Thanks John. You know, normally, like you mentioned, I talk normally about Internet marketing. So this is going to be fun talking about some of the Inner secrets of Personal achievements and that’s really where you center yourself and where you’ve led so many people.

And why don’t we start with, what you say, that There is only three problems, and I totally agree that there is only three problems in the world than what we come about into it, is either Money, Health or Relationship related. And what are some of the ways that people can deal with those problems, or what they see, or what they perceive to be problems?

John Harricharan: I think — I like to use examples when I explain some of these things. And when I mentioned there are only three problems, that’s how we would divide, the money, health, relationships. And they are a part of a whole gestalt, if you will, because when you boil them down, they just come down to being only one problem. But that’s for another book one day.

Yanik Silver: Okay.

John Harricharan: We will deal with the three problems. The reason problems become confusing is because whenever we get too involved in one of them, whether it be Health or Money or Relationships, we start breaking down the problem into a million little many problems instead of staying focused on the source that could solve these problems. Let me give an example. Let’s say all of a sudden my microwave doesn’t work.

Yanik Silver: Right.

John Harricharan: And I start taking it apart to see why doesn’t it work? And I get tired. I can’t fix it. I come upstairs to look at my television. The television doesn’t work. And I am getting more confused now and more puzzled. And then I decided to turn the light bulb on, turn on the lights and the lights don’t work. This is what happens. Really what may have happened was just one problem. The electrical switch tripped. The breaker took off all the electricity.

But here I go to all these little problems trying to open up the television, trying to change the bulbs and so forth. And so we do that with our problems and then so doing, we lose sight of really what the problem is? And once we get a feel for what it is, we can solve it by creating the conditions in which the problem solves itself instead of getting a hammer and so on trying to fix the breaker, you just push one switch.

Yanik Silver: Is that really — is that would you say a driving philosophy for you that people make it harder on themselves than they have to?

John Harricharan: I’ve always believed that. I have seen it in my corporate work, which was at some substantial levels in New York and in my other work, in my teachings and so forth, people really complicate it, not because people are silly, but because they get caught up in a web of fear and they are hypnotized into believing something is going wrong. It happens to all. I have seen it happen to some of the masters of the stuff. It happened to me when I got ill a few years ago and you remember a part of that.

Yanik Silver: Right.

John Harricharan: I was so concerned about it and I thought, Oh! my goodness, what am I going to do about this? It’s so horrible, I could hardly walk, I could hardly see. Am I loosing everything now and I got caught up in it. And I got caught up in the doctor’s situation because every pill they gave me I took. Everything they wanted me to do I did, and I was so scared and fearful and hypnotized into believing that’s the way it goes.

The minute I start doing what I teach people to do, which are actually the principles of the Power Pause. I stepped back, looked at what is happening, realizing that this health thing is basically an illusion. The same power that could solve the problems of outer space could solve the problems of what I am dealing with. And so I went into a quite and a silence and I created in my mind the conditions that permitted the cells to do their work.

The enzymes to work properly and a whole new body was formed. My doctor to this day can’t believe it. And whenever she sees me, she points to her head and says, “I know, you don’t need my medicine, you use something up there”. I said, That isn’t totally correct either. But it just a method of problems solving, which I find being much more creative than any of the others.

Yanik Silver: And, you know, you and I have talked privately about that. And you told me that you believe that one of the reasons that you gotten such dire straits with your health was because when you’re teaching about these three different problems that you wanted to experience or some part of you wanted to experience that , the feeling of going all the way down.

John Harricharan: Yes. This is true. I had experienced the one of having a lot of money and then losing it all. Why was that a good experience for me because there was a time when I was some fairly well off. My hardest decision to make during the mornings when I got up was, should I take the Lincoln to the office or the Mercedes or should I have the chauffeur drive me. And now if that’s the worst problem you have then you have a really big problem.

So a friend of mine, I remember this very, very clearly. He said, to me — I asked him — I said, “Hey, Bob, how you’re doing? Haven’t seen you in a week or two”. He said, “I am doing very well, John except, you know, I got a little financial problem”. My car payment has backed up and I don’t what I’ll do as they are going to repossess my car”. And I thought car, car payment, finance, do they still finance those things? I had no idea what he was going through. And so I said well, what’s the number or what would it take to handle this. They gave me a number I don’t remember maybe a 1000, 1500 bucks.

Yanik Silver: Right.

John Harricharan: And I said to my secretary — my assistant ,issue him a check for that amount, which solved his problems. So I didn’t really know what pain he was going through. When somebody would say to me, you know, “I’m late in the mortgage. I’d say, “Okay, can I help. And I’d wonder in my mind late in mortgage. How could anybody be late in the mortgage?”

Until one day, I lost everything, my house, were foreclosed. My cars were repossessed. And then I knew what it was like. And I thought it’s a good thing I know that because I would help people out of, feeling sorry for them. Not feeling that we’re here to help one another. And so when it came to relationships, you never didn’t meet my wife. You would have loved to meet her. But people like Brad Steiger and others haven’t. She was in my mind the most beautiful girl on earth, very both inside and out, very special person. And so there was this beautiful relationship….

And one day she was taken away. And then I knew what it was like to lose not 50% of yourself but 90% of yourself. And from that day on, I knew how people would feel when they lost someone close to them. When they lost a relationship not only by death, but so many people who have had relationships for four or five years, or 10 or 20 years just the other day I meet somebody and I said old friend of mine and “I said, how you are doing?”

She says, well you know we got divorced. And I thought what a loss, I said, how long were you married? She said, it’s been so terrible John. “ It’s been 24 years and we got divorced. I don’t know what to do?” And immediately my heart went out to her. And I felt the pain because I know what it was like. So it doesn’t have to be losing someone because that person died. It doesn’t have to be losing someone because of divorce. It’s just a relationship problem.

So I had experienced those two problems but never in my life did I have a health problem. I couldn’t understand when somebody said, that he or she had to go to the doctor or they have this thing or they’re under that medication. And so forth and I’m thinking come on that’s silly, we are meant to be healthy. What could they be doing? , they could take care of that. And then one day I became sick, very, very sick. And that’s the part you know of. And I didn’t think I was going to make it. And when I got out of that, you can be sure that now having experienced to the greatest degree, I’d like to be challenged. So when I do something I do it…

Yanik Silver: All the way.

John Harricharan: Yeah. All the way.

Yanik Silver: Yeah.

John Harricharan: And so now I’m totally aware of these three problems. And so in the work I do now, people talk to me, I don’t care what level they are at or what the problem is. I do have a feel for it and through energy system would convey a little help to them.

Yanik Silver: Right. And you’ve done some of that in invisible type healing for my family. And definitely I’m grateful for that. And I can attest that, that’s worked when, you know, when my mom suffered through cancer for a long, long time. And I think she had some extra years to her life, thanks to you.

John Harricharan: Actually three years.