Love Movies? Perhaps A Video Franchise Business Is For You

Starting Your Own Video Franchise

Did you know that you can receive the kind of support and direction provided to franchisees and still open your own video store?

Video Store Builder Home Entertainment Businesses offers prospective video store owners the chance to create their own businesses but still reap the benefits that come along with being part of a franchise. Video Store Builder assists the entrepreneur in creating his business, turnkey, from start to finish. They provide help with planning elements such as store layout, and they provide the inventory and tools you’ll need to make your video store operational. Perhaps the key benefit, however, is that Video Store Builder will make connections with distributors for you.

Then, once the set-up of your store is complete, it’s all yours! There are no franchise fees, no corporate rules to follow, just your video store the way you want it. But Video Store Builder remains dedicated to helping you along the way at any time you feel it’s necessary.

Another company providing similar services is Zone 3 DVD and Video Rental Store. Zone 3 even designs the store for you, for those entrepreneurs interested in opening a video franchise but not in planning a location from scratch. Zone 3 offers a variety of store designs to fit every start-up budget, and they will help you decide on the size and layout that’s best for you.

Zone 3 provides everything you need to start your video franchise from a full inventory to financial advice as well as an experienced training team.

Starting a Video Franchise at Home

Perhaps you’re interested in starting a video franchise, but you really want to be able to work at home. There are tremendous opportunities for you to do that too!

Family Tree Music Video converts clients’ family memorabilia—such as photos and home movies—into “Hollywood style” music videos. They add special effects, music, titles and even voice-over provided by the client to these priceless family artifacts.

The market for this is huge. Almost everyone would love to see their family memories preserved in a lasting format.

For an initial investment of $67,500 you receive all the equipment you’ll need to set up a studio capable of producing these videos in your own home. Family Tree Music Video will provide you with marketing materials such as a customized TV infomercial and website. You’ll be completely trained and enjoy continual support. You’ll also have the freedom of no royalties or overhead costs. Best of all, you’ll be providing a service that your clients will cherish for years to come!

Another option for prospective franchisees who want to work at home is Home Video Studio, Inc.

This company started out only offering two services, or “profit centers”: home movie transfer and video duplication. They now have 21 profit centers including DVD transfer and duplication, which are their fastest growing areas. You, too, can capitalize on this success!

This is a turnkey, home-based business that you can work on full or part time. You don’t need any experience because Home Video Studio, Inc. provides a complete training and support package that includes a full-time sales and tech support team. This video franchise has low overhead and high profit potential.

What About a Video Game Store Franchise?

Maybe you’ve considered opening a video franchise, but did you ever think about a video game store franchise? This is much more specialized than a video store that also rents games, and this type of business attracts a specialized consumer.

Play N Trade Video Games is a video game store franchise whose concept was “conceived by gamers for gamers.” Who better to help you build a business that will “be the gamer’s ultimate destination?” In fact, that is Play N Trade’s goal.

Play N Trade offers a wide range of products such as new and used video games and game consoles. They enjoy a reputation of being the place to find everything from the original Nintendo—of nostalgic value to today’s adult gamers—to the newest, most popular systems like the Xbox 360. Additionally, Play N Trade provides repair services and diagnostics. Everything a gamer needs would be within reach in your store.

Just a few of the things that set Play N Trade apart from other video game stores are superior customer service and total interactivity including in-store tournaments and a “try before you buy” policy that allows gamers to be absolutely certain that they are getting the best value possible.

As a franchisee in the Play N Trade franchise you’ll enjoy national brand recognition and top-notch guidance from experts who know gamers.

This business opportunity is truly unique. The video game industry is an expanding one that is going to keep expanding, and Play N Trade is a leader in the field. They even made’s Franchise 500® list of the best franchise opportunities for 2007.

Play N Trade has already established customer loyalty with its customer-centric approach to sales.

If you love video games or simply want to be part of a franchise that caters to consumers who embrace the newest technologies, Play N Trade is the business opportunity for you!