old farm house

Have you ever met a person who does the opposite of what you think is right? Do you know someone who will disagree with the most simple concept or idea just to express a different opinion from you? If you are the mother of a daughter you most likely know exactly what I am talking about. My daughter has opposed me at most everything since she turned twelve years old. Prior to that time she was a fun child. She was always a bit head strong, but she was manageable. Now that she is an adult and getting married she is mellowing again.

During the years that my daughter was growing up we lived in an old farm house. We had remodeled it to update the plumbing and heating, however we restored the woodwork, floors and moldings to their original state. We found wonderful antiques to put in the rooms. It took us years to find the right antique farm table for the kitchen. As with most farm houses the kitchen is huge with a space to eat in. There is also a formal dining room; however the majority of our meals were eaten in the kitchen area. Not only was it more convenient but the area was warm and cheery. The antique farm table fit the space as if it had been made for it. It was a strong oak table that had several leaves that stored underneath it. When the table was stretched with all the leaves in it could seat twelve people. When our children were grown and out of the home my husband and I decided to relocate to a lake home. We put the restored farm house on the market.

We were in the process of selling the house when our daughter and her fiancé were looking for an apartment to move into. They were both starting new jobs and they did not know where their careers would lead them so they did not want to buy a house immediately. My daughter asked if we were going to take the antique farm table with us. I told her it was too big for the house we were moving into. I hoped to sell it to the buyers of the farm house because it fit the room so well. My daughter insisted that she wanted it. I had to laugh. When we were looking for the different antiques that we furnished the home with she wanted a chrome and vinyl room. She only wanted extremely modern furniture and now she wanted the antique farm table for an apartment. She admitted that she always loved the table and the farm house. She claimed that she wanted to have a similar home when she bought one. I never know from day to day what surprise she is going to come up with. I hope the oppositional years are over.