Quantum Science Begins to Understand Ancient Alchemy

Throughout the 70’s & 80’s Hudson was totally perplexed by a substance he could not identify… Please let me explain. David was a highly successful Arizona farmer & in the 70’s began a gold mining enterprise on his land as a hedge against inflation & to attract various tax benefits. During mining he found what was commonly known to old miners as ‘Ghost gold’…However the more he mined the more accumulated, so much so it was actually reducing his precious metal output therefore he had a vested interest to investigate same. Over the next 10 years his ‘ghost gold’ frustration grew & grew. This material:

1. When dried & exposed to direct sunlight would ‘explode’ in a flash of intense light but with NO force. 2. Was entirely resistant to any normal form of chemical analysis. He later found they had no real chemistry BUT did have resonance he learnt to manipulate.

3. Was also resistant to normal spectrographic analysis to identify its constituents although in time a method was adopted from Russian spectrographic research to identify it.

4. When purified & heated would lose weight with unchanged volume.

5. On cooling could either gain or lose weight, again with the same volume.

6. At some stages of heating would actually disappear then return when cooled again.

7. Could be made to ‘disperse’ simply by approaching the stuff with the magnetic field surrounding your hand…As you could imagine his frustration knew no bounds.

Patents & Science. During the 80’s things began falling in to place coming via two disparate arenas: Russian Spectrographic analysis & Superconductivity theory. Firstly, during normal spectrographic assays he found the usual method of the ‘30 second burn’ for normal metal determination had to be extended out to the standard Russian method of ‘300 seconds’ for identification. From this he found his ‘Ghost gold’ actually consisted of huge amounts of the ‘Platinum group’ of elements being Rhodium, Ruthenium, Palladium, Platinum, Osmium, Iridium & Gold. However as American precious metal assayists did not believe him, he managed to refine elemental Rhodium whilst convincing the management of General Electric (G.E.) to let him use ‘his purified metal’ in their Fuel cells & jet engine systems. He reasoned that if these devices could only work in the presence of Rhodium then if there was metallic rhodium in his refinements, & the G.E devices worked, then this would ‘once-&-for-all’ prove his decades of work. As you can probably no doubt tell, his rhodium did work in these applications.

After he developed a method to isolate all these elements, in 1989, he was in a position to lodge world patents describing his method in at least 7 different European countries & even one in Australia.

‘Strange substances explained’

Secondly, it was one thing to identify his elements, it was quite another to explain their odd behaviour.

During discussions with some leading American physicists, notably the eminent Hal Puthoff, David learned the only thing that could explain their behaviour was the 1970’s discovery of Superconductivity & some late 80’s physicist ‘Transition element’ discoveries. [To jump a long way ahead, Hudson tells that the US Navy, through the use of SQIDS (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices) could actually see cells communicating to each other…Hudson suggests it is these ORMUS elements which allow for this communication. Therefore Hudson postulates that as superconductors carry electrons as light then it is LIGHT that communicates one cell to the other (see below)].

Later, during ‘Thermo-gravimetric’ analyses (a highly specialised controlled heating apparatus) Hudson observed that at different temperatures these elements exhibited ‘odd’ properties (points 4 – 7 above). From these observations he believed he witnessed what physics was beginning to describe as ‘transition metal group (the platinum group fall into this) super deformed nuclei’. What physicists observed was that in various conditions these transition elements actually began to ‘turn-in-on-themselves’ and in this state exhibited no chemical reactivity, defying the normal metallic element behaviour from which they sprang. This non-interactivity was explained because as the nucleus elongated it began interacting with it’s own surrounding valence electrons thereby blocking reactions to other elements. Physicists also described these metals exhibited ‘ceramic-like powdery’ properties. Hudson/Puthoff later deemed these deformed & non-deformed nuclei metals as going into 2 phases, High & Low spin states and whilst in this state, acted as a single atom- viz: displayed quantum (atomic) properties in the ‘macro’ (physical) form… In Physics this quantum observation is VERY, VERY special.

Further, these High Spin state metals exhibited the weight & invisibility anomalies that could only be explained via Superconductivity theory of which Hal Puthoff’s theories predicted. Also Puthoff predicted these elements SHOULD already exist in nature but orthodox, chemical based science could not prove their existence [Hudson tells us these things do exist in much of the foods we already ingest… Indeed he attributes much of the therapeutic benefits of food juices & herbs down to these elements.]

NOTE: A superconductor essentially is a carrier of light in the form of paired electrons called ‘Cooper pairs’ & exhibits a ‘Meissner’ field -(Like a magnetic field)- the strength of which depends upon the ‘amount’ of cooper pairs the superconductor contains.

Where is this all leading?…Mysticism? All this theory, physics & superconductivity sounded fascinating BUT what was the ‘bigger picture’ here? How could he use these findings, other than simply get rich on it OR go down in the annals of science? In the early 90’s while pondering it’s significance and reflecting on his US$5 million fifteen-year odyssey, he was approached by a relative waving a book under his nose.

The book described a white powder of gold, being an alchemical extract of various transition metals that allowed element transmutation, invisibility & when ingested, immortality. Hudson was conducting limited experiments on a handful of people who were willing to ingest these products also. What they began to experience was described in many ‘Hindu/eastern mystical practices and austerities’ as a profound increase in psychic sensitivity (clairaudience/clairvoyance), seeing light beings, a strange yet intriguing sound was noted about their head & an energetic constriction about their throats & chest. Therefore his research began to touch upon the eastern mystical arts…. Where was this NOT going to lead?

During this period David found himself thrust into a 600+ book ‘read-a-thon’ that inevitably led him on a literary voyage to ancient Africa, ancient Egypt & a history of the Bible. However Hudson had already begun some literary research of his own, into the Pharaohs of the ‘Old Kingdom’ of ancient Egypt. He learnt that not only were they described as Gods & immortal but that they were fed this ‘what is it’ by their High Priests. Later he construed that many of the Jews of ancient Egypt were actually metal-smiths & through their foundries manufactured their own ‘What is it’ (Monatomics). Also Hudson asserts that when the English found a way into the ‘Great pyramid’ & whilst opening the Kings chamber sarcophagus found it to be empty save for some white powder. Further, he suggests that of all the structure of the great pyramid is found only one word, ‘BREAD’. Also that the mummies of Pharaohs of the Old Kingdom had never been found…Were they actually immortal? Perhaps this is why they were never found!

So many questions. So many possibilities!

Some more recent history.

The above represents a condensed overview of a 9 hr video tape, witnessed by the author some seven times in 1997, Hudson made available through one of his 18 North American lectures in the mid 90’s. The tapes were used to promote his efforts to attract people & their monies, gifts & help to start production of a plant to produce these elements in bulk. [To the author’s knowledge, his tapes are not available but there are various abstracts on the net] The author has kept relatively abreast of Hudson’s work through the Internet & other sources only to learn that he managed to raise the monies for plant construction but has been thwarted via various natural events being: In 1998, during construction, there was a major chemical spill & the EPA forced him to relocate, setting him back 18 months & Following this, David had a heart attack requiring 6 bypasses with complications but to all reports has recovered OK. [To my knowledge, no material has been distributed to members to date.] Our comments. It is the year 2006 and it is my view that Hudson’s work will prove to be profound probably affecting most areas of life, as we know it as well as opening new vistas to the human experience. Further, the quantum sciences of Superconductivity & quantum tunnelling, Bose-Einstein Condensates, and more, will all be needed to explain this emerging branch of physics to describe this ancient alchemy which will further lead to the scientific understanding of mysticism and indeed spirit itself.

Glen Rees BSc, ND. Certified full-time practising Naturopath and spiritual seeker since 1982. For more information please visit http://www.highertruthhealth.com.au