Retractable Screen Doors Give Beautiful Views

There where you need it and out of sight when you don’t, retractable screen doors can maximize the view while letting in fresh air.

Retractable screen doors such as those from ODL feature few parts and a new magnetic latch for a more secure closure. An exclusive SlamProof system prevents pinched fingers and ensures safe recoil into the housing unit. In addition, weather stripping in the top and bottom track keeps dirt and insects out of the home. The retractable screen door works on inswing, outswing and sliding doors.

The screen fits neatly into the housing unit and blends cleanly into the door frame when retracted. Then, when engaged, the retractable screen door is nearly invisible, fully covering the doorway opening and allowing maximum airflow into the home. Made with a durable fiberglass screen, it resists damage from hands and pets.

Best of all, you don’t need a professional installer. The screen comes ready to install and installation can typically be completed in one to two hours. The pictured steps are all that’s required.

Step 1 Install the screen housing.

Step 3 Install tracks and sill plate.

Step 2 Cut tracks and sill plate to the correct width of your door.

Step 4 Install magnetic catch.