revenue Sharing Value Plan

Empowerism offers subscribers many benefits, but in this article I want to focus just one, the “Revenue Sharing Value Plan” (RSVP) and discuss how it can best be used to guarantee income over time.

When you purchase RSVP you are actually purchasing a leads package. In other words, the “product” you purchase is a list of leads for your direct marketing campaigns.

The four leads packages:

* 50 leads for $25
* 100 leads for $50
* 200 leads for $100
* and 400 leads for $200

But the package is actually more than just a simple leads-purchase deal – and this is where things get interesting! Every time you purchase a leads package you also qualify for “Revenue Sharing” payouts – hence the name of the product, “Revenue Sharing Value Plan”.

I must emphasis right away that the “revenue sharing plan” is NOT a get-rich quick scheme. Nevertheless, Empowerism is keen to emphasise that the plan will “eventually” double your initial investment several times over.

I’ll come back to that word “eventually” in a minute, but first, let’s take a look at how it operates.

What happens is that when you purchase a leads package you are allocated a reference code and placed at the bottom of a “single-line matrix” (i.e. everybody who purchases RSVP is placed in a single line from top to bottom). You then move up through the matrix and are “cycled” through it several times until you have received a total “revenue share” of $2,000 – yes, two THOUSAND dollars, no matter what your initial investment was.

Let me give you a concrete example. Suppose you purchase $50 leads package. You are then placed at the bottom of the matrix on $50. As people reach the top of the matrix they either drop out or drop back down to the bottom to “recycle” As that happens, you move up through the matrix, and new members are placed at the bottom. When you reach the top your $50 will double to “$100” and you will go through the cycle again until you get back to the top and double to $200.
Now, provided that you opted for the “$200 payout” option and not the “$400 payout” option you’ll receive your first payout – $200. Congratulations! You’ve just doubled your initial investment leads package investment. Those 200 leads you bought turn out to have cost you nothing! You doubled your money on them – even if none of them responded to your sizzling sales copy!

Meanwhile, you cycle through the matrix again, and receive another $200 when you reach the top, and so on for a total of ten payouts, totalling $2,000 in all.

However, if you chose to receive your first payout at the $400 level you have to wait for one more cycle to until the doubling gets to $400 and cycles five times at that level (5 x $400) until you get $2,000.

OK, so how long will it take to get through all those cycles? At present the cycle rate is about 1,100 days – as I said earlier, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme!

What that means is that you’ll need to choose a strategy to ensure that you double your money on the conclusion of the FIRST cycle to ensure that you double your money in the medium rather than the long term. Once that has happened, anything else can be considered as icing on the cake.

Before we get into how best to maximize the potential of RSVP, let me point out a few relatively simple things that you’ll need to do to qualify for the payouts. You’ll need to:

1. retain your status as a paid subscriber of Empowerism,
2. send or fax a downloadable disclaimer to Empowerism,
3. provide a photocopy of the front of your credit card,
4. meet a monthly leads purchase of 1% of your RSVP investment.

The four requirements are basically there to ensure that you are committed and legitimate. If commitment is not your game, you probably shouldn’t be thinking about Internet marketing at all – but that is another story!

Turning now to the best way to maximize the potential of RSVP to your advantage, by far the best strategy would be to buy 200 leads for $100 and choose to receive your payouts at the $200. That way, you’ll get paid as soon as you complete the FIRST cycle, when your $100 investment doubles to a $200 payout (the first of ten $200 payouts in all).

Next, plan to repeat your investment on a regular basis – once a month for example – to set yourself up for a regular income three years or so down the line.

The easiest way to do that is simply to incorporate the Empowerism RSVP leads program into your monthly advertising budget. Allocate $100 per month (plus the 1% top up requirement – for which you receive extra leads) to leads purchases, plug the leads into your advertising campaign, and –irrespective of whether any of your leads actually buy anything from you or not – in three years’ time you will begin to see a regular return on your money.

Once your first payout comes through you can expect to see a regular stream of income and you’ll appreciate the value of having made small investments regularly over time.