Save By Buying Ebay Gift Certificates

Now that online shoppers have realized the true potential of online shopping with eBay, they offer their customers a better and easier (not to mention cheaper) way of doing their transactions with eBay. eBay Gift Certificates!

But the customers and all online shoppers must always be careful about the terms and/or conditions regarding the gift certificates. Always be alert and reminded about the expiration date of the gift certificates, this way, customers can always make full use of their eBay GCs. The gift certificates from eBay are wonderful gifts to the people dear to us. With an eBay gift certificate, we share the joys of shopping online through eBay.

eBay gift certificates are available to anyone who wishes to buy one. No eBay registration or eBay membership is required to get your hands on this baby. They can be purchased though PayPal. One of its yet better points is that while paying for your gift certificate, you can choose to sign up for your account at PayPal.

But as anything, there is a catch. The catch is not all eBay gift certificates will be redeemed. Only those that pass the following requirements will be redeemed.

1. The one who sells the item on sale accepts PayPal as one of the ways to pay for their merchandise.

2. The original price of the item on sale must be in Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollars, Euros or US Dollars.

3. The owner of the GC has ten days after the item on sale has been closed at eBay to pay for the merchandise through PayPal.

There are rare occasions that and eBay gift certificate will expire. Customers or purchasers of the gift certificates are also not required to pay maintenance fees on unused balances of the gift certificate. If the price of the item that a customer is buying cannot be covered by the gift certificate alone, the buyer needs to supply the remaining balance through paying from another fund source at PayPal (which can either be credit card or bank account).

eBay gift certificates can be spent when the customer wishes to buy an item or have won an item at eBay that passes the requirements mentioned above. To do this, when you have chosen the item that you want, select the word Paypal for your payment method. (Don’t panic if it reroutes you to the PayPal site, this really happens) Log in to PayPal and write down the redemption codes found in the Check Payment Detail. Look for the Add/Select button and click on that to enable you to use your GC. You redeem your gift certificates this way and the seller of the item receives the payment through PayPal.