The Health Benefits of Yoga

For long years, yoga is considered as one of the hottest fitness and holistic trends that have swept the continent by storm. It is practiced by thousands of people from all walks of life and of all ages. Now, yoga is studied by experts for the possible health benefits that it can give.

Several claims have emerged highlighting the health benefits of yoga. Yes, according to several resources, yoga is not only capable of making you feel strong and flexible, but it can also help cure whatever ailments you may be suffering from, even the most serious health conditions. It is interesting to know then that many of the early research results have revealed that a regular practice of yoga exercises which involve deep breathing, a myriad of postures, and meditation can significantly offer a sense of relief from people suffering from asthma, mental health problems, and cardiovascular disease, to mention but a few.

Let’s take a closer look at these health benefits of yoga.

#1: Relief for Asthma

Of the health benefits of yoga known to man, its power to heal asthma is the most well-known. Well, this is simply for the reason that with the ever growing number of people suffering from the condition, many of the yoga researches was conducted focusing on how to help these people recover from the situation. Fortunately, many of the studies yield positive results, but they did not reveal at all that yoga can ultimately cure asthma. Instead, they results revealed that yoga can help alleviate the symptoms of asthma.

#2: Mental Health Problem

Several claims have it that yoga has the potential to treat mental health disorders. By these claims, a number of medical experts were intrigued as to how potent yoga really is. They then started to conduct studies involving adults and children suffering from the so-called “obsessive-compulsive disorder”. From the months of study, the yoga group found out the yoga truly works. About 40% improvements were found out and it was noted that those who will continue receiving a yoga treatment is more likely to recover from the disorder.

#3: Cardiovascular Disease

Another notable health benefit of yoga has something to do with the cardiovascular disease. Well, this belief actually stemmed from the findings that the yoga exercises can help relieve stress, and improve the person’s cardiovascular endurance. It can also lower the blood pressure and even heart rate.

Note that those above mentioned health benefits of yoga are what triggered more and more people to involve in the practice.