Vini Yoga

Today in the fitness industry one of the swiftest
growing movements is the great art and practice of

In case you have been out of touch with what has been
happening for the past couple of years, yoga is
sweeping through aerobics studios and health clubs all
across the United States and if finding acceptance as
a fitness activity as well as a means to balance the
energy of the body and reduce stress and thereby
restore a feeling of calmness.

There are a variety of types of yoga. There is Iyanga
yoga which is excellent for beginners. It is graceful
and fluid. It is not physically demanding and
therefore great for people who are not that
athletically inclined.

There is also Ashtanga yoga which is extremely
physical and intense. This is a great activity for
strength, fitness and endurance. It is truly the
mother of the “power yoga” classes.

The third kind of Hatha yoga is called Vini yoga. This
type of yoga is usually performed on a one-to-one
basis with an instructor. Vini yoga is more relaxed
that the two previous forms.

It is therapeutic, restorative and is based on one’s
individual breath. This means that the length of a
movement is determined by the ability of the
individual to inhale and exhale fully.

It seems that many postural imbalances are due to
breathing restrictions. Vini yoga is based on the
premise that the body’s energy is more balanced if you
are able to balance your breathing.

When you improve your breathing you not only improve
your posture, but you improve your overall energy and
develop the sense of being centered.