What You Spend Your Time Doing Literally Defines Who You Are

I would like you to take a moment and answer this very important, though perhaps shocking, question: “What age will you be when you die?”

The truth is, most people don’t ever really think about how long they’re going to live, but when asked the question, they usually have a very specific age in mind.

“What if I told you I could help you find more time to enjoy the finer things in life? …without turning your life upside-down. Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?”In fact, quite some time ago, when I was presented with this same question, I was surprised how quickly I answered it. And what’s more, my voice uttered the number with such absolute conviction, it almost scared me.

So go ahead, take a few seconds and answer the following question: “What age will you be when you die?”

Now that you’ve got a number in your head, let me share with you how answering this very important question may in fact forever change your life… and help you build a better body (one that you and others can be proud of)!

See, if you’re like most people, once you were asked this question… you arrived at your answer based on a number of factors—for example, from family medical histories or actual deaths of close elderly persons in your life. Or, maybe you just had a number “pop” into your head, like 77, because the U.S. Census Bureau has been telling us—for so many years now—that’s the average age when most Americans die.

Now, believe it or not, the number you consequently came up with is absolutely right! That’s more than likely the exact age you’ll be when you exit this earth.

(Keep reading if you want to learn *how* to increase the longevity of your life…)

Your “Extra” Years Are Who You Really Are
Perhaps we have a secret hope that somehow we won’t ever die—even though there is no evidence from human history that this is possible or that it’s ever happened. It’s almost as if the subject of death will jinx you, so it’s taboo. That’s simply not true.

Today, of course, most doctors and medical scientists agree that progressive technologies and medical breakthroughs, combined with healthy dietary and exercise habits, can increase the number of years we’ll live.

Still, in my opinion, living longer is not necessarily our main goal. Rather, it’s much more important to increase the quality of our lives, today… as in this very moment… and then continue with the next day and so on and so forth, for the rest of our lives. That’s what matters—now! Don’t you agree?

Well, I’ve recently come across an excellent “mental exercise”—a powerful technique if you will—that can do just that.

What if I told you I could help you find more time to enjoy the finer things in life? Re-energize yourself completely to take on any new challenges you want? Re-build your physical health and develop your physique to an entirely new level? All without turning your life upside-down. Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?

Well, I did. Now, I want to share with you how you can do it too. It’s a process that will instantly increase the quality of your life… and even extend the years you’re around to enjoy it. (The exercise was developed by a friend of mine from Canada and adapted from the “Life-Time Extender™” by Dan Sullivan.)

Now, I want *you* to experience the powerful force it can have on your life…

The Great Life-Time Enhancer™
Alright. Here’s how it works:

Determine what age you *think* you are going to be when you die.
You’ve already established your “pre-determined” age of death. Go ahead and write down this number on a piece of paper, or print this out and write down the number next to this paragraph.
For example, I first believed I was going to live to be 100 years old.

Determine how many *extra* years you believe are possible to live.
Now, answer this very important question: “How many ‘extra’ years would you like to live—beyond your originally planned year of death?”
Write down the number of “extra” years you’d like to add to your life.

For instance, I added an “extra” ten years.

Decide which activities you would like to do *more* of during these “extra” years.
In other words, think of all the wonderful things you’d do more of—activities you would spend your time doing, such as traveling the world, taking better care of your physical appearance, strengthening an existing relationship, or even writing a book. It can be literally anything you want!
Take a moment to think about this—it’s an important question. Go ahead and write a list of at least five activities you would like to concentrate on during your “extra” years.

Here are some specific categories to work from…

For me, my top five activities were: (1) Work out more often: to have the same physical shape, condition, and strength as I do now at 31 years old; (2) Be able to donate 10% off all my finances to my wife’s favorite charity—The Family Giving Tree; (3) Travel the world and visit each of the nine “space needle” towers; (4) Make my wife, Julia, and our two girls laugh at least once every single day; (5) Complete a book that is profound and groundbreaking in helping people achieve and live their very best lives; Last: Become recognized by our U.S. President for the contribution I’ve made to Americans and their level of physical fitness.

Determine *what* your “extra” year’s activities say about your life, right now.
As surprising as it may sound, you might not realize the little (or big, I should say!) “trick” you’ve just played on your mind.
First of all, you have just “convinced” yourself that you will no longer live to your pre-determined age because you’ve established a new fixed number. More importantly, you have now re-established your lifeline. See, by adding years to your life and filling out the activities you’ll be enjoying during your “extra” years, you have created an entirely new, invigorating purpose to your life.

My only question left to you, my friend, is: “Why are you not doing these activities NOW?!”

Think about that question for a moment. Look back over your list of “extra years” activities and ask yourself… why am I not pursuing those things now?

What are you waiting for…? Did you have to wait until someone said you have only a limited number of years left, or that you could be given some “extra” years to realize you can enjoy life now! Are you like so many millions of people who are waiting for the “right time” before they start really *living*? I certainly hope not.

Remember, there’s a pretty good chance you’re not going to feel like it’s ever the “right time” in your life. As you already know, “someday” is not a day of the week either. And before you know it… well… life has just gone and passed you by.

When I answered this question myself, it was quite a breakthrough… it was when I finally realized that while I don’t wish to live each day like it’s my last (that would be stupid and dangerous!), I decided to start pursuing those things I had been “holding off” on or waiting until things were “just right.”

I am happy to say, since I first answered these questions, I’ve now traveled to visit four of the nine “space needle” towers—in Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Canada; and Seattle, Washington. I’ve started writing my book. And, I make it a point to make my wife and children laugh each and every day!

I still have a long way to go… but I’ve started on my pursuit to live my life on “my terms” and not “Father Time’s.” And while I continue to make health and my physical development one of my top three priorities in life, I know I can take my physique to yet another level—the best body my genetics will allow on my terms—if I stay focused on it as a lifelong activity!

“…each day gives you the opportunity to do the activities and achieve the things in life that represent who you really are and how you really should be living your life!” What do your “extra” years activities say about your life? Are there some or all of them that you’d like to be doing now? I bet it’s safe to say you would be, with an astounding “Yes!”

Construct an “action plan” to start *living* the first day of your new life!
Now, let’s reverse the thinking of waiting until that “some day” arrives, and choose to do the things that would make you feel most satisfied in life (including building a better body), by creating an action plan.
You can start today by making the decision to start doing those activities you’ve listed in your “extra” years, which would energize you, make you healthier and stronger, and help you stay excited and motivated over the coming years.

Here’s how…

Simply pick one of the five activities you’ve listed above. (I’ve found it’s easier to focus on only one thing and that it enables you to achieve the greatest impact.) So, once you’ve decided which of the five activities you’d like to focus on, circle it on your list, and then write it out again below your list of activities.

Next, beside your chosen activity, write out the first action you can take today to help “jump-start” your momentum.

For instance, when I first listed “travel the world,” I wrote down beside it, “Check available flights online and block out one full week on my personal calendar for vacation.”

Writing this down made it that much more real, and much more likely that it would actually happen. Immediately afterwards, I called my wife and talked with her about what we were going to do, asked her to pick which city we would visit, and then called a friend who lived in Toronto to set up time to visit with him and his family… and started making reservations for flights, hotels, and even dinners.

Voila! Just as quickly as I wrote down something that was intended for my “extra” years of living—from 100 to 110—I was actually doing it, now!

What an incredible feeling… it was so powerful to know that I was taking full control of my life and doing those things that would have otherwise been put off until “someday” or when I was retired, older, or possibly, had I lived only to 100, never would have happened at all.

Live Each Day on the Basis of Your “Extra” Years
Make no mistake about it, by performing this powerful “mental exercise,” you’ll have erased your original life “plan” and are now in a position to free yourself from all normal considerations and restrictions about what your “previous” life would have been like. Then each day, from now on, gives you the opportunity—starting today—to do the activities and achieve the things in life that represent who you really are and how you really should be living your life!