Why Change To Windows

Microsoft has published an extensive list of 100 reasons why the Tennessee Mountain Man and you should make the switch to Windows Vista. Microsoft should have outsourced it’s brain storming of reasons to switch to Vista, but then it may not have received such favorable reviews. ‘Remote help desk 1’ will take a brief look at their reasoning.

‘Remote helpdesk 1’ has said before, in it’s humble opinion, Microsoft has had no new thoughts since Windows 3 and Windows NT. To understand the thought process of the online helpdesk…perhaps we will explore the issue one day next week.

Outsourced IT Services having gotten that off the chest one more time, let us peek inside the reasons Microsoft thinks there is no place for those like Martha Stewart and Lyle Waggoner of 1965 Tareyton Ads who had rather fight than switch.

MS#1. “It makes using your PC a breeze.”

So says Microsoft. The Tennessee Mountain Man says it sure makes the computer slow enough for most to keep up. Probably preferred by the turtles who had rather fight than switch from DSL. We’ll give them credit for this, it sure runs more like a breeze than a good head wind which is preferred whether sailing or surfing.

MS#2. “Because all of your music is just a remote control click away”

Most people use remote controls on their TVs, DVDs, etc…not computers with the exception of the online remote computer repair techs who still must use a computer to reach out and perform computer examination and surgery over the internet.

MS#3. “It’s the safest version of Windows ever”

The Tennessee Mountain Man acknowledges we have all been assaulted by Microsoft, no less, however, by Vista operating systems. Microsoft touts Vista’s “new security tools like Windows Defender, anti-spam and phishing filters, and Parental Controls. Automatic backups, Performance Self-Tuning, and built-in diagnostics”…Really? Those tools have been available for years! It may be a good thing that Microsoft found them. On the other hand they significantly slow down the PC for the turtles.

MS#4. “See your world in a whole new light”

“The breakthrough design of the Windows Aero user interface brings new clarity to your PC experience.” Sorry the Tennessee Mountain Man can’t see it…not even with his new glasses. It does, however, require significant computer upgrades which your computer repair shop is sure to love.

MS#5. “It can find your stuff”

Hello! Ever hear of the built in search option in all windows versions? Besides, what can one possibly lose in that little plastic box known as a computer that cannot be found unless the hard drive disintegrates? In which case neither an oline computer repair service nor Microsoft can’t help you anyway.

Back to the appreciative computer repair shop!

MS#6. “Because you’re always on the run”

Sorry, The Tennessee Mountain Man, even with the assistance of online computer repair services, could find nothing new here either. It was all available with earlier, faster, less expensive, and less intrusive operating systems.

MS#7. “Because you can freeze time”

Uh!!!!! No!!!!!!! I know Microsoft and Bill Gates think they are God and insist on being worshipped by all geeks, but not since Joshua has anyone accomplished that little trick. Sorry Mr Copperfield. By the way, do you need an oline computer repair service that can take care of your needs anywhere in the world? You seem to travel a lot!

MS#8. “Your PC can take care of itself: Performance Self Tuning, Self-Healing”

Reminds me of the TV Ad where the doc is telling a patient over the phone how to perform surgery on himself. Again your local as well as remote computer repair docs thank you. The average user who has ever tried to use restore disks or those built in technologies would love to strangle you. It has cost them a lot of extra dollars trying to repair the repair and unfix the fix. Microsoft knows how this goes. They are always releasing fixes to repair their fixes.

MS#9. “Unchain your mobile PC”

“Network and Sharing Center lets you set up a wireless network at home so you can experience the freedom of working from your living room, backyard, or anywhere in your home.”

I’m sorry, maybe I am a little slow, maybe I missed something, but just what can you do here that you can’t do in Windows 95 or NT and subsequent Microsoft operating system versions?

MS#10. “Surf more safely”

#!&%? Really? Or does it just allow Microsoft greater intrusion into our business? It is time Bill Gates learned to mind his own!

And, Better not miss the last paragraph, i.e. “Some product features are only available in certain editions of Windows Vista and may require advanced or additional hardware”.

MS#11. “Help protect your kids online”

Oh, yes! Drop your kid off in front of that computer, trust Microsoft and Bill Gates and see how long it takes that child to get approached by an abuser or solicited or get into some kind of trouble.

Parents you brought them into this world. You take care of and protect them. The state can’t do it, and Microsoft sure can’t and has little if any incentive too.

MS#12. “Schedule showtime on your time”

The only thing The Tennessee Mountain Man is finding in Microsoft’s top 100 reasons to upgrade to Vista is more costs, slower response, and more of the same issues which have contributed significantly to the destruction of the American family.

MS#13. “Because you need to know who the bad guys are”

Would someone please give Microsoft a mirror? Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

MS#14. “Make any room a media room”

Scraping the bottom of the barrel now, and still have 86 important reasons to upgrade to Vista to go. This is nothing more than a little disguised ad for the Xbox 360 and a recommendation to shuffle the kids off to another room and leave them alone to surf the worst of the web unsupervised.

Does Outsourced IT Services really need to go any further? Oh, not to worry. The Tennessee Mountain Man will cover all of the so called reasons to upgrade to Vista.

MS#15. “Because your PC remembers to back up for you”

So has everything including DOS if the owner set it to do so.

MS#16. “Get your new computer up and running in no time”

What is the definition of “no time”. It is still not a MAC!!! You don’t just open the box (sorry in this case it is boxes), plug it up, turn it on and go. No. No. Microsoft Computers don’t work like that!

MS#17. “It’s like having your own personal anchorman”

Say What? What is Microsoft smoking? What are they watching? The Naked News? How dumb do they think we are?

MS#18. “Create your own personal archive: Scheduled and network backup”

Apparently the author’s head was so smoked, he or she forgot they had just essentially covered this in point 15, just a couple of minutes before.

MS#19. “Watch live TV on your PC”

Don’t know about you, but The Tennessee Mountain Man was doing that on Windows 95 when desk space was a premium and there was no space in the room for a TV and a computer. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!

MS#20. “Set up your home network in a flash”

Vista does nothing in a flash short of a good power surge! And, setting up a network appears to be no easier nor more difficult than in any other windows version. Of course if you want a network in a flash, The Tennessee Mountain Man recommends the Debian derived Linux-based Ubuntu Operating System. When it installs and boots, the network is done!!!! Try that, Vista!!

Another warning to not miss Microsoft’s last paragraph here. It appears they have proudly locked you out of some versions to increase their profits and reduce your options.

MS#21. “Put more playtime in family time”

Does Microsoft really expect that, if we like playing games on the computer, we have not been doing that since DOS and Windows 3 via the internet and LAN when the boss wasn’t watching? Come on!

MS#22. “See everything you’re working on at a glance”

With a simple click of the mouse, huh? Well if that is true as in single click (I haven’t tried that one), then it might make Vista almost as fast at that trick as it’s predecessors were with a couple of clicks to do the same thing….impressive? ….really?

MS#23. “Because it’s like a digital candy store”

What more can I say? We all know about the candy man!!

MS#24. “Because you don’t want to worry about spyware”

Why? Because as always Microsoft Windows installs trial programs to get you hooked, then requires you to purchase them after a short trial period from Microsoft or their vendors if you wish to keep a functioning program.

The Tennessee Mountain man never worried about such things. There are too many free superior ways to prevent and cure such infections.

MS#25. “It works with the software, hardware, and services you want”

The Tennessee Mountain Man says: “Yep, as long as you want what it works with…..and are willing to wait for the rest”.

Sorry……laughing too hard to continue….we will continue tomorrow with “Why Change To Windows Vista: Part 2” on both The Tennessee Mountain Man Blog and Remote Helpdesk 1’s Online Computer Repair Service Blog ….. “Why Change To Windows Vista: Part 1” is getting too long any way.