Yoga Props

One of the main tools that make a yoga routine more meditative and calming is the yoga props used. These are important to the body and the mind as yogis connect to their inner self. Yoga props are various, ranging from incense, essential oils, yoga jewelry, yoga chimes, and many more. Here are some of the yoga props that one should consider in their yoga practice:

There is an extensive range of yoga incense fragrances, but there are only two very common incense fragrance recommended for use in yoga; the jasmine and lavender incenses which are considered the best tools for calming one’s mind and giving relief from stress.

However, even if there are only two advisable incense fragrances for yoga, the preference of the fragrance is till dependent on the person using it as every person has a unique mindset, and choosing the fragrance that best pleases the yogi, gives a peaceful effect to them. Therefore, incense fragrances are subjective to the yogi’s definite emotions.

Essential Oils
These yoga props also vary in scents that provide soothing to each individual’s need. Besides the fact that they activate positive emotions, these essential oils also provide good effects on the lungs as they are made from organic and wild grown essential oils, blends, and carrier oils. As they say, essential oils are generally used to achieve physical and mental well-being, while aromatherapy offers calming to the mind, as well as balance and stimulate the spirit and body.

Yoga Jewelry
Yoga jewelry is yoga props that have nothing much to do with practice, but it is deemed to inspire devotion and focus to yoga, and is simply fashion jewelry having yogic influence, as well as symbolism.

Yoga Chimes
Yoga chimes provide comforting sounds, bringing a sense of balance and peace to every yoga environment. They are yoga props that uplift one’s spirit, dispelling negative vibrations through creating positive energy; they are usually placed above doorways that give visitors a feeling of safety and peace as they pass underneath them. The majority of yoga chimes are harmonized from ancient musical chords of the orient, chosen and intended to give healing effects to the body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga props are ornaments which are said to help achieve soothing effects physically, mentally, and spiritually. However, there are no proofs of these yoga props having healing effects, they just make each yoga session more enjoyable and exciting.