Ameriglide Vertical Platform Lifts

Many people today who use wheelchairs or just have trouble walking have discovered the wonders of Ameriglide Vertical Platform Lifts. Ameriglide manufactures only the highest quality home medical equipment that has been thoroughly tested by experienced engineers. Vertical Platform Lifts or wheelchair lifts, as they are often referred to, have helped many Americans retain their independence and liberty.

In older times if you were in a wheelchair it meant that you had to design your entire home around that fact. Elevators were reserved to those who were immensely wealthy or to commercial structures. This made it very hard for those with disabilities. It meant that you would very likely have to sell your home if you did not have some means of entering and exiting your home at ground level.

All that has changed, however, and having a vertical platform lift is like having your own mini elevator. It is no longer necessary to get rid of your home simply because you can not navigate your outside steps. These lifts can safely and carefully support a good deal of weight and can be customized to fulfill virtually any needs. The best part about it is these devices allow you to remain independent. It is possible to go out for a drive, check the mail, or take a stroll through the neighborhood without any outside assistance. These things, that seem so small to those without disabilities, can mean the world to those of us with them.

Vertical Platform Lifts are also a way for us to sleep better at night. This is because we know that in the event of a fire or if something happens to us our loved ones can still get out of the house if they need to.