Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, often just called “Cabo,” is a smolderingly desirable vacation destination for extreme adventure seekers of both daytime and nighttime fun. Cabo is one of the most mentioned hotspots by characters on the hit TV show The O.C. What more needs be said?

Pinpointing the timeframe for the advent of nightlife is much simpler than selecting the finest beach of Cabo San Lucas for daytime adventures. There are eight picturesque, sandy-white beaches that are perfect for sightseeing and many water-related activities. For romantics, the Twin Dolphin Beach is perfect for couples seeking an intimate secluded hideaway. Even when more crowded than usual, the beach’s rock formations and coves offer surprisingly sufficient privacy to guests. Although topless and nude sun bathing are prohibited in Mexico, such behavior occurs frequently around Cabo. It occurs frequently at the Twin Dolphin and Playa San Pedro beaches.

The mighty Cabo Wabo Cantina is a music venue, a restaurant, and a nightclub. Haggar’s former band, Van Halen, was the first act to perform on stage. Other VH members were originally co-owners of the Wabo with Sammy. The cantina’s pioneering efforts have transformed Cabo San Lucas in to a 21st century Mecca of decadence of worldly proportions. The club has been featured on E Channel, Travel Channel, VH1, and MTV. New bands and acts appear weekly. As the Wabo’s slogan goes, “Go there once, you’ll be there twice!”

The Zoo Bar & Dance has appeal for all party animals regardless of specie. Hunters on the prowl for award-winning game will find the surroundings quite invigorating. The decorum is definitely African with tiger-spotted seat covers and wild animals throughout the joint. The club’s music runs the gamut from pop to dance, but all music played is danceable. Management baits big end-game hunters to show up Thursday evenings for Ladies’ Night. The cover charge for gentlemen is $25.

Westin Beach, which is part of Playa Buenos Aires, is located near the Jack Nicklaus-designed Eldorado Golf Club and the Condé Nast Traveler-recommended Westin Regina Resort. The Eldorado golf course features six oceanfront holes. With the rise of new resorts and influx of vacationers coming to Cabo, Westin Beach is now a good setting for family outings. However, do keep in mind that there are swift sea currents and powerful waves. The beach is ideal for lounging but not recommended for swimming.

Directly across from the Hard Rock Café is El Squid Roe. While it is called both a nightclub and a restaurant, the notoriety of Squid Roe stems from its rep as a raucous house of partying. Directions are not necessary. Just follow your ears! Waiters come equipped with strapped on spray tanks of tequila. Pretty much anything goes. There is no official dress code.

The Hard Rock Café is a club of two tales. Families and children are welcomed during the day. However, after 10:30 p.m., the minors are out and the adult swim begins. Hurricane, Earthquake, Howling Wolf, and Lovely Rita are just a few of the drinks served from the bar. Located in the Plaza Bonita Mall, the HRC has been a pillar of the community since opening its fabled doors in 1995.

Cabo is an area that definitely will be revisited, as there are too many pleasurable sources for entertainment and recreation to cover in just one article.