Deal Or No Deal: A Mix Of Luck And Skill

Deal or No Deal is a television game show that has turned the history of game shows on end. The show is aired in many different countries worldwide and the loyal fans count into the millions. There are many different versions of the game since each country pretty well has its own version hosted by a local celebrity. Sometimes the rules vary a little from country to country, but basically they all play out the same way. One thing is for sure, in just about every country the game is viewed in, Deal or No Deal has quickly risen to the top of the charts for popular game shows.

What makes Deal or No Deal so popular?

Deal or No Deal has a unique mix of pure luck combined with the skill of determining a good bank offer and the talent for calculating the odds of winning a big jackpot. It appears that many players get swept up in the excitement of playing and winning big money; and therefore make costly mistakes when responding to the banker. Sometimes it is a good idea to go for the big money and at other times, the player is much better off by accepting a bank offer. To walk away with the maximum amount of money possible requires one to be level headed and constantly calculating the odds.

The version of Deal or No Deal that is aired in the United States starts a new player off with 26 briefcases. At the beginning of the game, the player selects the first briefcase and keeps it at his side. If the player declines all bank offers, this will be the case the contestant will open last to see what he has won. So you can see that the chances for winning a huge lump sum from Deal or No Deal depends upon picking the correct case right from the start.

That is why dealing with the bank becomes so important. The player may take home less than he would have otherwise, but if done correctly, he can still go home with a bundle. Each offer from the banker must be analyzed against the number of briefcases left unopened and the number of large sums as of yet undiscovered.

Deal or no deal is a game of both luck and skill.

Picking which briefcase to open is a matter of luck, but determining if the banker’s offer is a good one requires some degree of skill if the contestant is to have the best chance of winning a big payout in Deal or No Deal.

Deal or No Deal is a fun and exciting game to watch. We root for each contestant to win as much as they can and if luck is on their side along with their ability to calculate odds and take risks, then they have a good chance of winning it big.