Dutch Dating

Dutch dating means that each person will pay for
themselves when they go out on a date. This method of
dating is often the best when both parties are new to
each other, independent, or just friends.

Many people often like to go Dutch because they are
not comfortable with someone else paying for them.
This is common with women who are liberal or
independent in their thinking.

It is also common if funds are low for both parties.
Both people will split the costs of dinner and any
other activities chosen to do on the date.

They also might meet at the locations or drive
themselves so the other party isn’t responsible for
their transportation.

Dutch dating can be extremely casual and creates a
comfortable atmosphere many people are happy with when
a relationship is new.

Some people just aren’t comfortable with someone else
paying for anything for them until they get to know
them better. In addition, they don’t want to feel as
if they owe them for anything later.

Dutch allows the date to go in a successful manner
without the feelings of being ‘owed’. In addition,
many women understand the expenses associated with
dating and don’t believe it is fair that they guy
should pay for everything, especially if the two go to
an expensive restaurant and do something even more
expensive later.

Dutch dating is common for people who are not
comfortable with someone else spending money on them.

There are many liberal and independent women who are
very proud who prefer to pay their own way also. This
creates a comfortable atmosphere because no one feels
like they owe them for anything later.

For centuries, whenever a date occurred, there were some very specific and accepted rules in place. The first one is that the guys always did the asking. Only a few times was it acceptable for girls to do the asking. These were events like Sadie Hawkins Day and simply social events that were set up by high schools, churches and various community organizations where the girls asked the guys they wanted to attend these events with them. The next rule is that the guys always paid for the date. Again, the only exception to this is when the girls were also the ones doing the asking. The guys provided the transportation and picked up the girls at their homes. Girls could do this when they were involved in one of those switching events.
That may have made sense years ago when people had decent jobs, made adequate money at them, and the prices for entertainment wasn’t so high. These days, unless you happen to work as a doctor, lawyer, or CEO of a large company, you probably have to save up your money in order to afford asking a woman out on a date and paying for it. Due to the economy, it’s become the accepted practice of “Dutch Dating.” This means, basically, that when on an expensive date, the man pays for his half and the woman pays for hers.
While this can get a bit sticky at times, there are actually new rules that govern Dutch Dating. When a couple is dating where each one makes pretty much the same amount of money, it’s acceptable for each partner to pay their own way. In this away, the couples get to do much more exciting things on dates than just having burgers at a fast food restaurant and watching a rented DVD at home. Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with doing those things sometimes on dates, but who wants to do them all the time?
If you want to do something special for someone that you’re dating, then you can save up some money for an event such as a birthday or anniversary. When you do the asking for something like this, you should expect to pay for all of it. This can be a nice thing to do for someone you care about.
There’s also a rule about the person that makes the most money paying for the date, or at least paying for a larger portion of it. Again, this rule changes around depending on who did the asking and who planned the type of date it would be. There’s nothing wrong with women paying for the entire date sometimes, either. In fact, many couples switch back and forth as to who will foot the bill for dates. For instance, the guy pays for one and the woman pays for the next one and so on. This can work out pretty well.
One rule that should always be in place is the first date rule. When a guy asks a woman out for the first time, he should be prepared to pay for the entire date. If the couple continues dating, they can make their own rules as they go along.