e-Drugs Just a Click Away

You must have shopped through internet. Isn’t it convenient to use this medium to order goods of your choice and get them delivered at your doorstep. What more, you can order items from around the world using websites that specifically serve this purpose.

Ordering medicines through an online pharmacy is the latest in this trend. These online or e-pharmacies are drugstores that fulfill your medication order and deliver them to your home. You don’t have to spend time in visiting the doctor and then going to a drugstore to buy the prescribed medicines. It makes even more sense if you are on long term medication.

These pharmacies have a panel of registered medical practitioners who can provide online consultation and give you a prescription for medicines which can be promptly ordered at the same instant.

The medicines that you buy through the online pharmacies are cheaper than what you pay at the local drugstore. In some cases the difference is as much as 80% on the lower side. This is mainly due to the fact that these pharmacies source their goods directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler. They get cheaper prices and this is passed on to you for your benefit. Not only bulk orders but even unit prices of medicines are cheaper at the online pharmacies. If you are a regular user of this mode of purchase, you could end up saving thousands of dollars over the year.

Another valuable aspect of these e-pharmacies is their confidential nature. You can avoid embarrassment of going to a doctor’s clinic and waiting to discuss your personal health problems like those related to obesity or sexual health. Online consultation is provided within the confines and security of your home. Even the medication is discreetly delivered at your doorstep.

If you have been using the internet for making purchases then you must be familiar with modes of e-payment, i.e. payment for goods made through the internet using a variety of options including credit cards, debit cards, etc. The online pharmacies offer these secure modes of payment in partnership with the leading banks and well known world wide payment facilitators. The use of latest encryption methods makes your payment secure and prevents malicious use of your personal data.

When shopping at the online pharmacies you have the option of buying branded or generic products. Discounts are available on both types for bulk orders including refills.

Like with any internet shopping, you must first ensure that the online pharmacy is genuinely registered with the local health authority and is selling FDA approved drugs. This task is not difficult and will go a long way in building your trust for online shopping for medication.

In short these online pharmacies offer a unique experience in buying medication saving you time and money while you stay within the comforts of your home.