Ebooks And New Life For Old Words

The development of content for a website can have an impact on future marketing efforts.

Every website relies on very specific content to help in managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies as well as providing customers with the most comprehensive data on issues related to the intent of the site.

Search engines like to find sites that routinely update their website. What that means is that no matter how good the content is on your site you will likely need to replace it simply to continue enjoying the good favor of search engines.

I’d like to suggest that your content be subjected to a three-tier program that will allow the content to be useful long-term.

Tier 1

Original content should focus on a specific aspect of the website and be keyword infused. This knowledge will be useful to both consumers as well as search engines.

Tier 2

Move content to an online archive for a fixed period of time. This content may be highly valued in a search-based environment for consumers and will also help in SEO strategies.

Tier 3

Remove original content after a certain period of time (one to three years based on the frequency of new information).

This system allows you to manage content without waste. The first two tiers help you connect with customers and search engines. This content is expanding and fresh. Consumers enjoy the new data and may even request updates on new content through Real Simple Syndication (RSS).

So what do you do with the data you’ve removed?

This data can be developed into an ebook on the primary emphasis of your website.

So how does that help in marketing?

When you develop an ebook using data you’ve already assembled you have a product that you can capitalize on. You can do this in two different ways. First, you can sell the ebook to consumers who may want the how-to data the ebook may provide. Secondly, you can make the ebook a perk for those who sign up as members of your site. This technique is generally free to the consumer and the ebook acts as a bonus.

Why would I want to give it away when I could sell it?

One of the primary reasons you may want to give it away to site members is because by doing so you can develop additional trust with potential and existing customers. When consumers view the perk for sign up as having value they are more interested in being a part of your site. This desire leads to improved list building potential as members provide pertinent data to help you stay connected in email marketing strategies.

All of this marketing possibility can be derived from something as simple as saving your old content and giving it new life in the form of an ebook.

There continues to be strong evidence that ebooks are an important form of communication as well as marketing. Interestingly researchers are finding that it is non-traditional readers that are finding ebooks most useful, and it is generally niche material that keys in on a very specific need the customer may have. It could be that there are motivated consumers for content you have already developed.