Edc Gold – What’s It All About

Online money making opportunities abound in the thousands but only a few really stand out in the crowd as a legitimate opportunity. One of those is EDC Gold. I’ll attempt to answer the question of what is EDC Gold and show you why I think this is a good deal but first, a little background on my online efforts so you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

I’ve been trying to win at the online business or affiliate game for over a year and have met very limited success. I purchased the majority of the top money making courses on the Internet and learned a lot about how to market with Google and the other pay per click search engines.

After spending a lot of money doing exactly what the Guru’s said, I still fell short somehow. I mean, one Guru will tell you to write a number of articles using various keywords and you’ll get a lot of traffic to your website. Then another Guru will tell you that the first Guru forgot to mention you should only use less popular keyword phrases with a Google search result of 1,000 to 5,000, in stead of individual keywords with competition in the millions.

One of the main things I learned from experience and from one of the Gurus is not to waste your time marketing any “How to Make Money on the Internet” products. There’s far too much competition and a number of the products have similar information. I mean there is only ONE correct way to make money with Google AdWords. Yet there are probably over 100 courses, eBooks, videos and software telling you the same thing with a different twist on it.

So you can be just overwhelmed with information overload after a while and would like to use all the knowledge you learned to center on an opportunity that really works and is in demand by the masses.

Well, I found just that opportunity with EDC Gold. This is a unique opportunity for you to help others finally achieve some success and to realize a lucrative income for yourself in the process. There are 3 price levels (which covers most prospects budgets) and a modestly priced B2B package of proprietary website and online presence enhancement applications called PromoBlackBox.

The products include:

EDC Gold $997
Easy Daily Cash $397
Your New Fortune $69.95 / mo.
Promo Black Box $495

EDC Gold use an Australian 2 up system, which may seem like MLM in a way, but after giving up your first two $997 sales to your sponsor, for the rest of your life you keep every penny of the successive $997 sales in your bank account. And each of the sales you make owe you their first 2 before they are qualified, and the 4 they sell to and on and on. And when you come in at the EDC Gold level, you’re immediately qualified to sell the other listed products for 100% commission without having to pass up any sales.

This in my opinion is a pretty good deal. In the first place you’re making 100% commission on all of the products. The owners only get $49.95 per month to host your website, 5 hours of weekly training in a first class Webinar chat room, autoresponders and they even do 3 way phone calls with your prospects to help get you EDC Gold sales.

Secondly, you get tons and tons of Internet marketing software, eBooks and scripts with full resale rights, AND 5 hours per week of training in a first class Webinar chat room. And the 2 up is actually very strong motivation to help your down line get their first two EDC Gold sales because YOU are the one getting the $997 from their first two sales! So essentially each prospect is worth about $3,000 to you in revenue and all you have to do is show them how you were able to acquire your sales so they can have the same success.

So it’s in your best interest to help others meet with the same success with EDC Gold that you do. Even for someone who is not really a people person, a one thousand dollar payoff, with a potential for another 2 thousand is more than enough motivation to brush up on your people skills.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to make $997 per sale in stead of $20 or $40 for the same investment in advertising, then you may want to check out EDC Gold and sign up for a free membership account. You will have immediate access to your back office where you can access over 70 hours of audio and video training.

Every question you can have will be answered in the training, but you can always contact your sponsor or the owners of the company. As I showed previously, it’s in their best interest to help you and make sure you’re a success with EDC Gold. The two owners make themselves available from 9 to 6 EST Monday to Thursday to assist you with your prospects.

Well I tried to answer the question what is EDC Gold. In my opinion it’s one the few legitimate opportunities on the Internet. They say copying is the greatest flattery. Well, it’s funny; all of a sudden there are a number of other opportunities out there that are copying EDC Gold. I doubt they would be copying if they weren’t aware of the tremendous success EDC Gold is experiencing!