edible fruit baskets

I know that my hatred of fruit baskets is a little bit misplaced, but if you had had as much history as I have had with them, you would probably feel the same way. I know what you’re thinking: who has history with fruit baskets? Well, let me tell you a story. Every Christmas, my mother-in-law used to send us incredible edibles fruit baskets. That was it – no call, no card, nothing. When we would call her, she wouldn’t answer the phone. She was a bit of an eccentric and a shut them. Sometimes we would get her something personal, but it didn’t matter. Whether we got her a beautiful piece of jewelry, a great book, a new sweater, or something else, it was always the same thing: edible fruit baskets.

After a few years, our presents started to get lamer and lamer. Because we would only get an edible fruit basket from her no matter what we got for her, we started getting her less thoughtful presents. We would get her calendars, trinkets, books of quotes, and other things like that. What we didn’t know is that she was silently holding a grudge in her head. Apparently, she wanted to get us edible fruit baskets because that was what she wanted to receive from us. Here we were, racking our brains for good presents for years, and all she wanted was edible fruit flower baskets! It didn’t even look like she would like it – I never saw her eat one when we would all get together on family occasions. Nonetheless, she had been resenting the edible fruit baskets we didn’t get her every year, and she was saving it up to have it out with us.

A few edible fruit baskets later, we finally got a call from her on the holidays. My wife answered cheerfully, happily surprised that her mother had decided finally to call us. When she hung up the phone, however, she was in tears. I never found out what she said to my wife, but I knew what it was about. All my wife would say over and over again was “flower fruit baskets, she wants flower fruit baskets.” You would think that if it was so important to her, she would have asked us at some point, but it never occurred to her to say anything. As a matter of fact, because we were not sending her edible fruit baskets while the other children in her family were, we were actually nearly cut out of the will!