Educational Grant and Loan Programs For Single Mothers

The Federal government has implemented educational grants and assistance programs to benefit single moms designed to end the welfare mom culture and help single mothers return to the work force. To that end, welfare programs for single mothers have been greatly reduced and policies and programs have been implemented to reward single mothers for working.
If you are a working single mother, there are many options available to help defray costs. Help for single moms is still out there, it just may not be as obvious to the general public, however there are many websites where the information on educational grants and assistance for single moms can be found.
Dependent C are Flexible Spending Accounts
This government program allows employers to take advantage of a dependent care flexible spending account as a benefit. The benefit works by taking child care monies out of the paycheck prior to taking out taxes. The worker then claims the money through the Human Resources department by showing receipt of payment for qualifying childcare expenses.
This provides help for single moms, and all families, by offering a savings equal to the end of year tax rate on that portion of their income allotted to childcare expenses. However, if all the monies that were put aside in the fund are not claimed, they are not reimbursed to the employee. Therefore, one has to be careful only to allot the exact or less amount that one intends to spend on childcare for the year into these accounts to take full advantage of this program.
Tax Time
One of the biggest areas where a single mother can benefit is at tax time. At the end of the year the single mother can file as the head of household, earning a lower tax rate, and may even qualify for an earned income credit.
For the single mother to be eligible, one has to have earned income during the year, but beneath a particular level. This credit can add thousands to your tax refund and is a form of government-sponsored support for working single mothers. You can chose to have it show up directly in your paycheck the following year, instead of waiting for the end of year to file and receive the benefit.
Other Help for Single Moms
The Department of Social Services provides the most information regarding educational grants and assistance programs for single moms. They can provide assistance with qualifying and getting into programs like food stamps medical assistance, child support enforcement, and child care subsidies.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers programs for low-income people in the form of voucher s, section 8s, or first-time homebuyer programs.
In addition, the Federal government offers help for single moms in the form of education grants and loans to help them obtain new skills and get into the job market. Filling out a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) will help determine your eligibility for Financial Aid which will help determine how much aid you’ll receive.