how to add music to instagram video

To add music is very simple. After you take a video or picture in the story section on Instagram, click the smile icon in the upper right-hand corner. You will then see a music icon in the second row, once you click that, you will have the option to click on what song you want to add.

In this video, I give you two awesome strategies for using music on your INSTAGRAM videos without COPYRIGHT law problems. On the “HEART OF THE MATTER” Channel, you’ll learn how to make the law work for YOU!!

Welcome to today’s “Heart of the Matter” video on using music on Instagram without copyright law problems. Have you ever wanted to use a given track but were worried about copyright law penalties? Well, you should because copyright violation penalties are pretty steep.
Instead, you should consider the wealth of available and free music out there to give your Instagram videos added “Ummph” and emotional draw. In this video, I give a quick copyright law lesson, and then discuss easy to follow steps on how to use music in your Instagram videos without copyright law problems. Apps like Quik, Clips, Clipper, and Magisto make it easy to add fun and engaging music clips to your IG videos.

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