Music for Your Video

Music for Your Video and Content Produktion


If you neat Music for a Youtube Video, Game, Presentation or any other Produktion with Music

You can use all HasenChat Music Songs for Free.

You can Download all Songs in 192 kb per Second MP3 Format for Free here

The Free Files are 192 kb, this is the Normal Youtube Format for Audio.

If you neat a better File you can Download 320 kb Files at iTunes

or get a

Paid Lizenz

Get Paid Lizenz at or direct from the HasenChat Germany Label.

Paid Lizenz are High Quality Wav Files.

Get a Paid Lizenz here”Hasenchat”

Legal Infos

If you use HasenChat Music for Free in your Videos you neat to give Credits to the Artist !

This Credits only is a Text Info in the Video or in the Info Text under the Video.

Exemple: Music of this Video by HasenChat Music : Songname :

This make Sure, that is Clear with the Law that you use this Music for your Video for Free

Paid Lizenz become a Lizenz that the Can use it without Give Credits to the Artists and the can Print a Lizenz Doc File