No Deal

Deal or No Deal seems to be about the hottest show on television right now. People that tire of soap operas and reality shows at least have a good alternative to watch. Deal or No Deal can get addicting. There is just something about watching the contestants make decisions about huge sums of money that viewers offer advice from the sidelines and feel the joy and disappointment right along with the players.

The top prize in the UK version of Deal or No Deal is £250,000 and viewers tune in to see ordinary people open the cases and make decisions on the banker’s offers in the chance one of them will walk off the show with a huge bundle of cash.

One recent episode of Deal or No Deal came down to a contestant being left with the chance of winning either £100,000 or £1000, and an offer from the bank of £35,000. Which would you choose in the same situation? A guaranteed £35,000 or a 50/50 chance of winning £100,000? Predicaments like this are what glues viewers to this fascinating game show. In this particular instance, the contestant answered, “No deal” to Noel Edmonds and unfortunately left the game with a mere £1000 in winnings. But such are the fortunes of some players of Deal or No Deal. Others of course have much better luck and walk away with loads of cash.

A contestant has more than one opportunity to deal with the bank during a game and the offer is constantly changing based upon the amount of money left in play that could possibly be won. It is interesting to watch how different people react when faced with the choice of accepting sure cash over the possibility of a larger pot.

There is some degree of skill required in determining if the bank has made a good offer, but when it comes to opening cases, it all comes down to pure luck. That may help to explain the mass appeal and wild success of the show; the blending of pure luck with skillful decision making.

Deal or No Deal is shown in many countries around the globe. In the UK, Deal or No Deal comes on television at half past four in the afternoon and has Noel Edmonds as a host. The time slot is probably not the best as a lot of people are working or on the way home from work at that hour. Still, if you are able to catch the show at that time, you should watch it. But look out, you might get hooked on it like millions of other viewers around the globe and before long you will be shouting, “Deal” or “No Deal” from the sidelines.