Planning For A Holiday Surfing Trip

If you’re to go into a holiday surfing trip with friends or families then you need to make sure that you plan it well to avoid problems later on. Your surfboard and luggage are not the only ones you need to consider; there are other factors you need to look into to make this trip the best holiday experience you will never forget.

Deciding On a Location

If you’re aiming to go on a holiday surfing trip then the first thing you need to plan out is the location. Of course, there are plenty of areas where surfing conditions are good but you need to think about it thoroughly instead of just basing your choice on how high the swells are.

For example, if there are people in your group who are complete novices in surfing then you might want to look for a location with good surfing condition, as well as surfspots for beginners to enjoy the experience. It is also a good idea to look into the possibility of surfing lessons offered along the beaches where you’re planning to spend your surfing holiday.

Gears to Bring

If you don’t have to travel far just to get to your best surfing location then you can bring all your gears with you on the road — surfboards, luggage, foodstuff, and the likes. However, if you’re planning to spend more than a few days in a remote location accessible only by plane then you need to pack light so you won’t to worry about luggage hurdles later on.

In most cases, almost all beaches in the world offer surfboard rentals, as well as other gears that you might need for the activity. It’s true that most surfers prefer to use their own equipments, but if you don’t have enough roof for your board then you might want to think about renting your gears when you reach your destination.


The most important factor to consider if you’re going to another location to spend your holiday surfing then you needs to plan head in terms of accommodations. The best choice is to pick a resort or a hotel that is near your surfspot so you won’t have to travel far just to challenge the swells.

Since you won’t be spending all your holiday time on the beach and skimming through the waves then it is also best to consider other recreational and entertainment venues to get the most out of your vacation. If there are tourist attractions in the area then you might want to join a tour or consider fun places to visit in advance so you can map out your campaign. Visiting the local surfing club is also a great way to spend your surfing holiday — meet expert and novice surfers in a local club, share experience, and find time to challenge the ways during your holiday trip.