The Weak Link in Any Self Development Program is You

Do you belong to the 97% of the world population, that is dreaming to make it one day as long as you buy more HOPE ?

Well then it’s best if you keep going. Enjoy the ride and come back once you are ready for the next step.

Or are you part of the 3% of the world population which is destined to live their dreams.

As Albert Einstein said:
“I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.”Congratulations. You don’t seem to be such a dreamer after all.

The cool thing is that deep inside everyone knows the truth, but unfortunately only a small percentage is conscious about it. It is much more convenient to blame one’s Karma then to do something about it. If you are somehow woken up from your dreams, you will see that the following makes perfect sense.

So let me first list a few of the big problems that stop you from achieving what you want.

1. You do not follow your heart but follow your instincts. (greed, envy, lust)
2. your goal is not clearly defined and too vague.
3. You have no purpose to support your success.
4. Your old habits sabotage the process of change
5. You lack in discipline and persistence in pursuing a chosen path.
6. You can’t stay focused on your goal
7. You do not see the opportunities around you.

Be honest to yourself and admit how many new year resolutions, courses, seminars and programs you have started but not finished successfully and only because of one or many of the points listed above. How many times did you try to loose weight only to gain a few extra kilos, how many self development products do you have in your shelf and have not turned into success. I bet there are quite a few, and in none of the cases was the program the reason for failure. True?

How can MindWatch help you to change that ?

Well lets say it that way. If you buy the watch and leave it in the box you won’t achieve anything else then what you had in the past. If you use it as a cool watch to impress the girls/boys in the pub, you wont experience big success either. At least not the success it’s designed for. But if you turn on your watch and follow the steps in the manual you are guaranteed to achieve whatever you set your mind to, because with MindWatch YOU are in charge of your life.

Let me give you a few examples how MindWatch works.

First of all MindWatch attracts a lot of looks and when asked what you do with your MindWatch you have a perfect chance to earn an affiliate commission by sharing your experience. MindWatch talk is like doggy talk. Always a reason to start a chat.

But now seriously.

Lets assume I was all day with you as your personal coach and would ask you with every thing you do: “Is this the way you want your life to be”. I’ll bet you would start to consider some changes. Quality questions are always replied to with quality answers. If you never ever think of an alternative way, you have no chance to see one, even if the opportunity is direct in front of your nose. Almost everyone using MindWatch had this experience and has changed a lot. It’s like being pointed to see the alternative. Opportunities arise all around you when you are conscious.

When you have set a goal, whether it’s big or small does not matter, you have a natural tendency to forget all about it during the course of a day or week. Latest after one month is’t history. As the new way of doing things is not programmed into your normal behavior you are likely to forget. True? Well we all know this tendency and no one is spared from this painful experience. With MindWatch you are not only reminded to stay on track, you are also asked to record your decision. “Do I follow my plans,or not.” If you keep self sabotaging you might consider a change of goal or you find a whole lot of good reasons (Mind Links are described in your handbook) to get yourself motivated.

I call this part of the journey REPROGRAMMING THE AUTOPILOT. You know perfectly well that poverty mentality is programmed to a course of poverty and very likely to end in poverty. Imagine you turn off the autopilot every 30 or 45 min and reprogram your course during the short conscious phase towards success. You might not get the course redirected all at once but in segments that lead in the end to the destiny of your choice

But the main effect of MindWatch is to keep your thoughts and actions focused towards the achievement of one or many goals. Once you have a definite plan which is worked out with a detailed strategy (see the hand-book) you can not miss your target any more as MindWatch keeps you direct on target until mission is achieved. Its like a missile that is programmed to strike.

During the course of the past years we have had so many success reports from all walks of life that a 200% guarantee is no challenge any more. Try it out and see. There is no risk at all. You will see like all others that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.

Are you ready to put MindWatch to the test?

There are only 2 reasons you won’t do it.

One is because you are skeptical, and I don’t blame you. There is so much scam and fraud out there that it’s not funny. That’s why we have installed the 200% Money Back Guarantee over a period of 60 Days. No risk and no need to be skeptical. You join and try and if you do not achieve a significant change in the 60 days you just return your watch and keep the rest of the bonus pack. How good is that.

The other reason not to join is because you still hope that there is something that does it for you. The magic pill. I thought I had filtered you out on the first page. But here is the link again. Google. Have fun!

Dreamers are usually quite content in their dreams and it takes quite a while to wake up. No wonder there are so many of them and in a way they are happy to stay where they are. It’s kind of cool to complain and associate with other losers dreaming of the big shot they are going to make ONE DAY. IF they wake up.

OK, so here is a short description of MindWatch.

1. It’s a cool looking stylish watch with a lot of karisma.
2. If you don’t want to show what you do with the watch there is no reason for anyone to see anything else then a stylish watch. Its your perfectly secret personal coach.
3. MindWatch has a built in reminder system that records your progress towards your goals in an easy to read bar graph.
4. The sharp laser display helps you to monitor your progress in a daily, weekly or monthly graph.
5. MindWatch is equipped with all the useful functions like stopwatch, countdown, progress memory, date & calendar.
6. MindWatch has a built in Meditation timer. A handy tool if you are on tour and want to time your timeout.
7. MindWatch is based on the 7 areas of life and allows you to monitor your progress for each area of life individually.

And here is what you get when you order MindWatch NOW.

Well first of all, there is no need to rush. We have plenty of Watches on stock as we plan to stay around for much longer then we already are. No last minute sale because we are not a scam or fraud. Our reputation is built on a long term relationship and we want to enjoy your recommendation also in the future.

Second there is no need to Pay more then what you should. MindWatch is sold for $199 and will not be offered anywhere else for more or less. It’s a high quality Stainless steel watch with a specially designed processor that accommodates the MindWatch reminder functions. The stylish watch comes with a choice of a white or black Napa leather strap.

This Watch is so cool that even without all the special Coaching program and MindWatch functions you are in the league of a Billabong or Puma or Tag Heuer watch, which are sold for over $1000. Not to mention the difference in usage. One is built to waste you money in the skirt of decadence and MindWatch is used to make you money and improve your life.

Third is our 200% 60 day Money Back Guarantee which is described above. There is nothing to add to this.

The NOW makes the difference

Well we have created a bonus pack for you which will change from time to time as we believe in incentives that support and help you. If you make it, we have made it. And therefore we have packed a few Extras into your Shopping bag .


The MindWatch

The 80 page Hand book “7 Steps From Dream to Reality”

A hard Copy of the best selling book “LIFESPARK” by Marcus Freudenmann

Full on Email Support with our MindWatch community.

Access to the Member Area to learn all about the different ways to use MindWatch for maximum profit.

The famous Science of Getting Rich E-Book by Wallace D Wattles. It’s one of my favorites and just worth reading a hundred times. Every single page in this book describes the use of MindWatch in a way, that I can’t do it better. Just follow the book and use your watch accordingly and you will see how fast your life can change.

As a Man Thinketh By James Allan. This is a classic you have to read as often as you can. In this book you will find many descriptions leading you to a use of MindWatch like nothing else. Alan describes the universal laws in a way even DREAMERS will understand.

I will also include a Goal Card which will help you to stay on track. Use the Card in conjunction with your MindWatch and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up.