Why Can’t I Get Started?

He sat and listened full of enthusiasm. This was his ticket out of the job he hated – the job where someone else controlled his hours and his income . . . where he was just a number in the company’s bottom line and the decision of whether he had a job tomorrow or the next day was not his. This was his chance to escape . . . to get off the never ending treadmill of working for someone else.

He had heard it all before earlier this year. The first time in January . . . the second time in June. He bought all the materials after hearing the business opportunity in January . . . he was so fired up… he was going to make this work.

Now, here it is October and the materials are still in the box. “I just don’t understand,” he muttered to himself. “I had such good intentions. . . what’s wrong with me?” Some of the people I met in January are already making money and I know I’m smarter than those guys. Why can’t I get started?”

That was Joe’s big question, and he didn’t have an answer. It seems that life always seemed to get in the way. His daughter got married and his son wrecked his car and later there was the family vacation.

If you have ever longed for a way out your dead-end job, you may have a similar story. It’s that vicious and all too familiar, dream-killing cycle of excitement . . procrastination . . . confusion . . . frustration . . . and then abandonment.

Having personally been caught in this whirlpool of despair, here are some things I learned that helped me break free from this repetitive behavior.

Invest in Your Education

Don’t be hesitant to spend money on the education, training, tools and resources that will help you learn how to be successful in your business. It’s very scary to whip out your credit card and charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a seminar, program or new software system – but do it. Making a financial, mental and commitment to re-skill yourself will give you “skin in the game.” You have now openly obligated yourself to make something happen and you’re accountable.

emotional A word of caution is also in order on this subject. Don’t become a “professional seminar attendee” or “hyper-buyer.” You don’t need every book, CD and gadget on the market. Invest wisely in tools and training that support your business goals and are in line with your skills and abilities to use them.

Listen to those with the Biggest Piles of Cash

Don’t be discouraged by naysayers . . . usually your family and friends. Listen to those who have made a lot of money in your business market. Take advantage of every coaching opportunity. Follow their program and don’t try to shortcut the system. Don’t fall into the temptation of second guessing the process. Although you may think you have a better way, there is a reason for every step and for keeping them in sequence. Since you haven’t made money in the business yet, and they have . . . try it their way first.

Take advantage of processes, activities and automated systems that your predecessors have developed that will save you hours and hours of manual labor.

Follow the advice and proven methods from those who are successful in your field.

Network, network, network

Network with others in the same business.

Find Your Niche

Don’t try to do everything at once. As Stephen Covey says, “Put first things first.”

If you’re a real estate investor, it may be to first locate a property. Don’t worry about setting up an LLC for now.

– If you’re in mail order, it might be to place an Ad, not to locate your fulfillment distribution center.

– In any business, you will learn as you go.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Now that you know what to do, the first thing to do is “just do it”. If it’s to look at an investment, make a phone call, or write an offer – believe me your world will not come crashing down around you. After that, just challenge yourself to do something to move your business forward every day and you will begin to grow.

What you will experience will be growing pains. We’ve all had them. Don’t worry about them, this is a good thing.

For you to have more than you’ve got, you’ve got to do more than you’ve done and this will involve getting out of your comfort zone.

Just remember this . . . if I want to run with the big dogs, I’ve got to get off my porch. How fast you get off your porch will be completely up to you.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failing

Ask yourself. . what’s the worst that can happen? If it’s being rejected, congratulations – you’re on your way. If it’s – my friends may laugh – just ask yourself “when have any of your friends written you a check?

Don’t worry! If you’ve chosen your vessel to freedom, only you can decide when to set sail. Just don’t forget to pull up your anchor first!

Be a perpetual student – never stop learning.

Take Action

Take a step forward every day – no matter how small – until you get used to the routine and then, pick up the pace.

The only difference between you and a millionaire is the size of your dreams.

What they all have in common is that everyone of them stepped off the ledge – unable to see what lay ahead – believing that they would land on their feet. They took a leap of faith – a risk in their future and did what it took to make it happen.