Yoga Jewelry

In recent years, yoga has drawn a growingly vast number of people because of its said benefits to both the body and the mind. Yoga’s history throughout the ages has also been linked with symbols that give a connection of one’s self to their spiritual self; these days, the most common form of yoga symbols is seen in yoga jewelry that brings to life this ancient connection, from sacred wood, pearls, and gemstones that have been selected to enhance the beauty and power of every single piece of yoga jewelry. Check out this yoga jewelry from

Amethyst Square Lotus Necklace
A stone considered being a symbol of contentment and spirituality, Amethyst helps in transforming lower energies to a higher state, embodying total metamorphosis to a peaceful and serene state of mind. It symbolizes new beginnings, and the lotus is a constant reminder of every day bliss and transformation. This yoga jewelry has smooth beads of amethyst, hand strung on pure silk. It also has a matte finish of 24kt gold vermeil, which is handcrafted and about 0.5”.
Price: $78.00

Blue Topaz Drop Necklace
This yoga jewelry embodies light and translucence in every aspect, bringing love and joyfulness, as well as stimulating throat chakra, as the blue topaz unlocks the center of communication and self-expression, enabling an understanding of ones self and others. The necklace is hand crafted and faceted with gemstone, as well as a sterling silver drop of 0.5”.
Price: $88.00

Citrine Triple Pendant Necklace
The pendant design of this yoga jewelry combines sacred symbols with a touch of gemstone color. The powerful combination includes the citrine and stone of radiance that instills inner glow of happiness, confidence, and love; the tree of life that brings to mind inner and deep grounding strength; and the lotus that is an eternal symbol for new beginnings and infinite potential. The necklace is hand cast with sterling silver pendants 24k gold vermeil brushed matte finish.
Price: $98.00

Confidence Necklace
The necklace is made of Carnelian which embodies vigorous vibration of joy, and encourages strong feelings of self-worth; it also works to aid creativity and passion.
Price: $140.00

Inspired yoga jewelry is becoming more and more popular among yoga practitioners and even people who are just newly discovering yoga. Like most ancient people who practiced yoga, these symbols are believed to aid in enhancing one’s deeper self through drawing inner energy and aura.