Yoga Postures

Yoga postures are simple and effective movements of the body to help in stomach firming, back strengthening, and redistributing the weight of the body. There are a lot of yoga postures that one can do in yoga practice. They are deemed to tone and stretch body muscles, as well as improve flexibility and increase endurance.

The main categories of yoga postures includes seated postures, standing postures, reclining (supine and prone), back bends, forward bends, twists, side bends, balancing, and inverted postures.

Standing Postures
These pose revitalize the body and mine through eliminating aches, pains, and tension. Internally, they regulate kidneys, alleviate constipation, and stimulate digestion, as well as perk up breathing and circulation through developing lower back and pelvis flexibility, as well as leg strength. With regular practice of the standing yoga postures, leads to mobility and strength of the hips, back, knees, shoulders, and neck. On levels of psychological benefit, it creates confidence, strengthen character, and enhance willpower.

Seated Postures
In general, seated poses are deemed to be calming, as they eliminate fatigue, refresh the mind, and ease the nerves. The postures also assist in regulating blood pressure, promoting restful sleeps, and aiding in recovery from illness. A number of these poses are beneficial because they increase flexibility in the hips, hamstrings, and lower back.

Reclining Postures
These postures fall into two types: the supine and prone poses. Prone poses are performed by facing the floor, either lying on the stomach or using the knees and hands. They invigorate and give energy to the body, and can be particularly strengthening for back and arms. Supine poses are performed with the back lying on the floor; essentially, these yoga postures are restful and relaxing.

Forward Bends
These postures improve the circulation of the blood, calm emotions, and aid digestion. They stretch the hamstrings and extend the lower back.

Back Bends
These postures invigorate and promote deep breathing, as well as energizing and opening the mind and body, and lift depression and develop courage. It also stimulates the nervous system, strengthen shoulders and arms, and increase spine flexibility.

Side Bends
The postures stimulate the body’s main organs such as the stomach, kidneys, spleen, and liver.

Inverted Postures
These postures overturn gravity, bringing blood to one’s heart and head, consequently stimulating the whole body and mind. The poses tone glandular system and internal organs, improves circulation, refreshes tired legs, and stimulates brain function.

Other yoga postures also have their exceptional physical and emotional benefits, and its practice not only improves ones physical strength and energy, but also builds harmony of the mind, body, and soul.